Ever dreamt of seeing the Northern Lights or riding a dogsled through the snow? These are just a few of the highlights you can experience with a visit to Northern Sweden. On this page you will find a selection of destinations that we offer for your event but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other requests. 


Umeå is the biggest city in Northern Sweden and the cultural capital of 2014. Here you can choose between living at first class hotels in the city or get inspired by nature by living in the wilderness. Museums, dining and shopping as well as activities such as the Elk House, dog sledding or white-water rafting, Umeå offers a great variety.

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This is our most popular destination as this city offers something for everyone. Exciting activities, culture, shopping and great venues for any convention, there’s no wonder that we arrange around 50 events in Lycksele every year. It is also easily accessible from the capital Stockholm with 3 flights a day.


Right on the coast you will find Skellefteå, “the gold city”. The name is derived from the vast amount of minerals, but the city offers so much more than that. Experience the stress free atmosphere of Northern Sweden with its beautiful nature and the Northern Lights on a cold winter night.


Piteå is a great city to visit during all seasons. In the summer, the beach boost Sweden’s highest bath temperatures and in the winter you can experience the beautiful landscape from a privately owned ice-breaker. The famous Pite Havsbad and their long experience with tourism ensures exciting activities and venues for all kinds of conventions and events, big and small.


With Luleå, proximity is everything. Venues and accommodation are located in the centre of the city where you’re close to a variety of entertainment, sports and dining. Everything is within walking distance! Just around the corner you have the beautiful archipelago consisting of 1312 island, not to mention exciting activities such as dog sledding. Luleå also boost the biggest airport in the region which make access easy.


For its small size with a population of only 6’222, Arvidsjaur offers a great variety of activities. Fishing, dog sledding or why not a hike in Sweden’s largest forest sanctuary?  If you want to experience Swedish nature and all that it offers, Arvidsjaur is the right place.


Kiruna is Sweden’s northernmost city, only an hour’s drive from the border where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. It is also close to the world famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi that’s created every winter with ice from the Torneå river, a must to visit. If this is not enough, Kiruna also offers a beautiful landscape and great opportunities for golf in the summers.

Hemavan - Tärnaby

If you want to ski in the tracks of the likes of Ingemar Stenmark and Anja Pärsson, then a visit to their hometown Tärnaby and Hemavan is a must. The winter here will provide you with real and powdery snow, sunny days and the Northern Lights during those cold nights when you warm up at the AfterSki.


Deep valleys and steep mountains characterize Kittelfjäll. If you like a bit of a challenge, then Kittelfjäll is the perfect place as it offers gorges, powdery snow and why not try Heli skiing? Here you will find a unspoiled nature and a beautiful view from wherever you look.


If you enjoy alpine sports and activities, then the mountains of Borgafjäll is the right place. A popular location for Swedes to go on a ski trip, these mountains and untouched wilderness are also home to Sweden’s indigenous people.


Klimpfjäll is a small and tranquil mountain village with a ski resort as the central meeting point. A mecca for skiiers and snowboarders alike as Klimpfjäll offers halfpipes, jumps and velodromes.